Discover Why You Do The Things You Do AND How To Make Positive Changes and Achive Balance In All Areas of Your Life.

This Unique 6 module eCourse has been developed by NLP Trainer and Master Coach Vicky Ross to help you understand the mystery of you, so that in the future you can avoid surprises and start to have more emotional control and move towards a life that you want.

Why Do this course?

  • Maybe you know that you can do better… but don’t know where to start
  • You have ideas of what you would like your life to be like… but you are not getting that for yourself
  • Perhaps you are just not sure why you do the things you do
  • You wish you could understand your motives better

Stop and ask yourself…If you could,  what would you change about yourself? It could be that you want to stop doing something, start being more confident or that you want to feel more comfortable with yourself. Perhaps you want to change the way that you communicate with yourself and others.

Imagine, that because you have had the iUnderstand Me programme, you actually have the ability to resolve those situations and get the results that you want easily.

How the iUnderstand Me eCourse works

All the modules are on a time release that work on one module per week.  Your sessions comprise of video lessions, excercises , and reflective questions for you to work through. However you have all the time you need to work through the modules at a pace that is right for you.  As the weeks move on you will start to feel a sense of calm with confidence as you develop yourself and others will see the difference.

Through the programme if you have any questions, you are free to write on the Private Facebook Group and  build a network that will support you.

[ez_box title=”Module One:- The Two Worlds You Live In?” color=”blue”]
  • Start to understand how we exist and how our environment effects our learning and our behaviours.
  • Understand that you always live on two levels, and your behaviours are based out of two different places.
  • How to start making changes and just simplify your life.


[/ez_box] [ez_box title=”Module Two:- Our Senses” color=”blue”]
  • How do we experience the world?
  • What does understanding this give me?
  • How can I enhance my communication with this knowledge?


[/ez_box] [ez_box title=”Module Three:- The Magic of Communication” color=”blue”]
  • Learn to understand the mysteries of our communication.  It is a fascinating world, when you can clearly hear what is truly meant.
  • Learn to not only understand the basis of communication, but also how to elicit information well.


[/ez_box] [ez_box title=”Module Four:- The Missing Art of Communication” color=”blue”]

Learn to understand and hear when people delete and generalise information in their speech.  What is the relevance of that.  What does it tell you and how can you recover the lost meanings?


[/ez_box] [ez_box title=”Module Five:- Get Curious about your Behaviours and Emotions” color=”blue”]
  • How do you create behaviour and how can you change it.
  • Let’s look at your emotions. Emotions are motions of feelings in our body. What is your body telling you? What does it all mean and what can you do about it?
  • Understand what your emotions are communicating with you.


[/ez_box] [ez_box title=”Week Six:- Staying Neutral, Living Free” color=”blue”]

Part of having a successful life is being happy. People who look after themselves physically are more resilient to stress and viruses that float around. Start to explore how you look after yourself and how nourish your body. Understanding the basics of your body and how it works. Vicky provides you with a lot of logical information about nutrition, exercise and generally healthy living so that your body can be healthy and strong. Learn to use your own common sense and work out what your body needs and how it best functions. Reflect on what you know is not working and start to implement new goals so that you can start making changes to living towards a healthier life.


When You Work through The 6 Week iUnderstand Me Programme it will:

  • Help you understand how you do what you.
  • We teach you how to remove what ever is interfering
  • Show you how to move forward towards the things that you want in life.

What People Are Saying About The Programme

“A fantastic exciting opportunity to tune up skills and values in order to provide others and myself with more choices”Kathryn D

“Would recommend for anybody with a desire to understand how to ‘be themselves with more skill’ ”

Dorothy G

Why wait… start this amazing journey of understanding self now.

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